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Our team can provide opportunities for your organization in the following areas:

  • Developing customized tracking systems, communications tools, and procurement libraries
  • Providing leadership with enhanced transparency through real-time metrics and the identification of bottlenecks
  • Organizing annual procurement planning reviews
  • Coordinating periodic contract execution reviews to facilitate proactive management


Acquisition planning is the first and key step in turning your organization's wants and needs into high quality goods and services. Proper planning at this early stage can prevent disappointment down the road. To support our customers, our Savvee professionals focus on key areas such as:

  • Defining the need and developing the acquisition strategy
  • Preparing procurement requests and supporting documentation (SOWs, SOOs, cost estimates, funding authorizations) in accordance with Federal, departmental, and agency appropriation laws, regulations, and procedures
  • Providing acquisition staff with better access to each other, relevant regulations, and required next steps

Our approach to Acquisition Planning turns your organization’s ideas into meaningful procurements.

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